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yall gotta watch this short vid.  an 11 year old girl from yemen recounts how she fled from her parents when they tried to force her into marriage and why it’s an injustice.  such articulate, brave words from such a small little lady.  all the feels.

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Nothing in my life ever works out for me.
I’m starting to think that maybe I was just never meant to be happy.
Maybe I was meant to be this lonely, heart broken, constantly worried, empty, person with ambitions that were crushed by an unreasonable amount of failure in every fucking aspect of my goddamn life. I’m trying so hard every day to just not fall the fuck apart. The simplest most little things I want out of life I can never have. I don’t ask for much, I used to ask for nothing. And now I just fucling have almost nothing. I’m so close to having nothing at this point that I don’t see what the point is in going on anymore.

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Architectural hermit crab habitats by Aki Inomata

Japanese artist Aki Inomata creates intricately crafted plastic habitats for hermit crabs, which are influenced by the architecture of major cityscapes — the New York city skyline, a Parisian apartment, and a Tokyo-style house. the semi-transparent, delicate forms are designed in the style of physical human environments, which ironically become a shelter for the aquatic arthropods. The biology of the hermit crab makes it a fascinating example of identity transfer — as they grow they require larger shells and periodically interchange their external portion with other members of the crustacean community. Inomata connects her study of the hermit’s transformation to the self-adaptation of humans, whether it be in acquiring a new nationality, immigrating or relocating.

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